What Is the Difference between Personal & Business VPN

Let's learn more about both offerings & help you choose the right one for you


Anyone who uses the internet may have already heard of VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. There are different types of VPN services, so it may be confusing to choose the right one for you. Typically, there are two main categories: Personal VPN & Business VPN. First, let's get to the basics.

What is VPN?

VPN is an encrypted private network created for Enterprises & businesses to enable users to securely connect to a corporate network & access resources like business application servers available on them while working remotely. VPN also makes it possible to look like the user is working out of the office location, thereby hiding the actual users location to external web services like Gmail or Office365 while connected to VPN. This acts like an additional security layer for corporations as they monitor all the traffic from users for security & compliance purposes. VPN is a popular cybersecurity tool. In fact, a study by Statista shows that VPN usage surged to 124% last year as a result from the increasing cyberattacks during the pandemic.

Personal vs Business VPN: Differences

A personal VPN, or a consumer VPN, is set up for an individual trying to secure their browsing activity while using an untrusted WiFi network outside their house. Meanwhile, a Business VPN, also called a corporate VPN or company VPN, is built for an organization, specifically for remote employees to access a company's resources. To help you choose the right software, here are the key differences between Business VPN vs Personal VPN.

Number of users

The most obvious difference between personal and business VPN solutions is the number of users. Normally, personal VPNs only accommodate one user & multiple devices owned by the user. Meanwhile, Business VPN supports multiple users of a company. If you are looking for a VPN that can accommodate your remote business, you should choose a Business VPN. It will allow your employees to download the VPN application into their devices and use it to connect to the company’s network.

Account management

Another feature that is unique to business VPN solutions is account management. It restricts other users from intentionally or accidentally meddling with the settings of your virtual private network. Only an account manager has full control of settings such as:

  • Add or remove users and devices
  • Connect company servers to the network so users have access to them from anywhere.
  • Change the global settings of the company’s Virtual network and apply new ones for the whole company
  • Dictate what servers & web applications that users can access
  • Monitor users’ activities and behaviors from a centralized panel.

With personal VPNs, the individual user has complete control over their accounts and is used for accessing public internet sites & content like Netflix or Google.

Servers and IP address

Personal VPN is positioned towards anonymous browsing or hiding internet activity, multiple servers in various countries are provided to randomize users' internet activities. The downside to this is there is a high possibility of a server overload causing slow connection speeds. This happens when there are too many users using the same server at the same time. The same is true when it comes to IP addresses. You will be randomly assigned an IP address, and this can change every time you connect to the VPN service. Moreover, you will be sharing your IP address with other users. Meanwhile, Business VPNs can provide you with a dedicated IP address and a private server. It also assigns a static IP address to every connected device. Public internet IP address will be shared among users within the company. The best remote access VPN will provide you with a high-quality server for better performance and connections. More than that, it ensures topnotch security so that nothing can breach your server.


Personal VPNs are usually low maintenance and you don’t need to take an online cyber security degree to know how to use it. All you need to do is to make sure that your software is updated. And most of the time, your VPN service will notify and provide you with the latest security patches and configurations. For Business VPN, maintenance can be more complex. In fact, some might even require custom solutions to accommodate your business’ specific demands. This requires you to coordinate closely with your service providers & solution consultants. You should also consider hiring or working with experts to help you manage and maintain your business network.

Prices and subscription

Prices between personal and business VPN solutions also vary. Personal VPNs are usually more affordable than business VPNs. This is because Business VPNs provide you with more functions and features compared to personal ones. Nonetheless, that does not mean that business VPNs are expensive. So if you are a small business, you can still find a VPN solution that can fit your budget. One great example is Simply5’ solo plan. It offers the same level of service and quality as that of other premium business VPN plans but at a more affordable rate. They also provide other subscription plans that you can check out.

In summary, here are the differences between Personal VPN and Business VPN:

Personal VPNBusiness VPN
For individuals to secure their browsing activity using untrusted WiFi networksFor organizations to ensure remote employees can access company resources safely
Accommodates one userAccommodates multiple users
The individual user controls their accountAn account manager has full settings control
Users share the same server, potentially causing server overload that leads to slow connection speedsGets a dedicated IP address and server
Lower maintenance - the VPN service notifies the user of software updates, security patches and configurationsMore hands-on and complex maintenance, often requiring experts and teams to offer custom VPN solutions
Priced for individual userEnterprise pricing, with more functions and features

Choosing the right VPN solution

Whether you surf the internet for work or leisure, you can benefit from investing in VPN. Ultimately, the main difference between a personal and business VPN is its purpose. For business, using a corporate VPN is a no-brainer. It provides private network services for business purposes and corporations. Investing in the best business VPN will make sure that your remote workers, customers, and businesses remain safe and secure as you adopt a digital workplace. For individual users, it's just as important to have your own personal VPN if you are constantly using untrusted WiFi networks, even if you have access to a business VPN. A business VPN is built to protect a company's data, not yours. That means using a corporate VPN for personal use is not advisable as your browsing history is not hidden from your company. After defining your VPN need, go ahead and start your search by checking out reviews and signing up for free trials or demos.


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