Business RouterEnjoy a powerful, flexible way to organize your growing network with Simply5’s business router solutions.
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Routers built For Small Businesses
The Simply5 Edge platform's cloud-managed Business router offers secure network access and remote network management to small businesses without requiring a technical team. Edge's Business Router is designed to be an affordable, simplified solution for all businesses, no matter their size. There is often a high price tag, a lot of complexity and difficulty in setting up professional routers, but we eliminate that for you!

Critical Systems Monitoring (CSM)

Get automatic notification and rapid resolution of a wide range of business-impacting issues in your network. The CSM focus is on the most critical components, such as WAN interface, processor, memory, and power supply.

User Management

It is much easier for administrators to manage users profiles instead of device fingerprints when they have a universal Simply5 WiFi account.

802.1X Authentication for everyone

Integrate enterprise-class wireless authentication without technical expertise or dependencies. Segregate users using a single WiFi SSID across VLANs.

Insight Management

Easily manage your network across multiple locations. Edge Insight provides a 360-degree view of your network, so you can react quickly to problems.

Built-in Firewall

Cost-effective, high-performance business router with built-in firewall protection. Its stackable interface gives you a centralized management console to monitor bandwidth, resource utilization, and traffic flow.

Integrate VPN

Office Link is a easy to use VPN functionality build into Edge gateway. Automate the setup and configuration of client-to-site VPN connections using CloudLAN app.

starFeatures & Pricing
FeaturesBusiness LiteBusiness Pro-50Business Pro-100
Max ISP support100MBPS
Multi WANstarstar
Multi LANstarstar
Multi vLAN
Multi WANstarstar
WAN failoverstarstar
Multiple Locations - Centrally Managementstarstarstar
Edge Controller Managementstarstarstar
Guest WiFi
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OTP/Email/TempKYC based guest authenticationstarstarstar
Guest license included for VIP, Staff, IoT modules2 No.s5 No.s5 No.s
Pre-Integrated with SMS & Email gateways, Staff, IoT modulesstarstarstar
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Business Lite is for you if

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Business Pro-50 is for you if

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Business Pro-100 is for you if

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