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Simply5 Edge networking solution consists of 2 main components:




SDN controller

Software-defined network controller is a Hosted cloud dashboard for managing all your sites through a single pane of glass, be it 1 or 1000 sites. Edge Controller also hosts database & backend services needed to support the advanced networking features delivered at a location using Nexus gateway.


Edge Gateway

Edge Gateway is the All-in-one hardware that's deployed at a location to deliver reliable performance, high concurrent routing performance, and advanced services manageable through Edge Controller.


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Multiple Internet and LAN Connections with better manageability and user segregation.

By monitoring your network and critical devices, Edge will alert you to any issue before it impacts your business.

A cloud managed gateway providing anywhere access to your network with ease.

Makes sure all users and guests adhere to the same policies and usage controls so that overall network performance is not adversely affected.

Using Office Link, you can access your office remotely without the hassle of setting up a separate VPN device.

Simply5 works with all Vendor Hardware

For a world that breathes Internet

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Customised Solutions for your Business

With Simply5, you can choose from a wide range of device and network options to meet your specific needs.

Business Router

For Retail outlets, Offices, SOHO, Remote branches, etc.

Guest WiFi

Provide Free WiFi at Public spaces like Stations, Airports, Stadiums, Commercial buildings, etc.

Hotel lite - COMING SOON

For Motels, Bed & Breakfast, service apartments, etc.


For Locations having 30+ room providing premium guest experience.

Education - COMING SOON

Manage Access for Students, Faculty and Lab facilities.

Healthcare - COMING SOON

Seamless & controlled access for In-Patients, Out-Patients, Doctors, Nursing staff, etc.


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