Remote-enable your Business in less than 10 mins

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Remote-enable your Business in less than10 mins

Secure VPN for Businesses

Companies with employees who are traveling, needs an easy way to keep connected to office resources at all the time. CloudLAN offers an industry-standard VPN solution for your business. Keep your business data private, move freely around the world, ensure your data remain secure, and protect your team from cyber threats.

Secure Team VPN

Secure TeamVPN

Secure Network

Secure Network

Company Static IP

Company Static IP

Remote Access

Remote Access

Common Challenges Faced By Businesses

➲ Inability to access office applications from outside

➲ Available solutions are complicated for non-technical users

➲ VPN system setup is expensive

➲ Managing Hardware-based VPN systems need external technical expertise

➲ Using port forwarding is very insecure

➲ No failover if internet link with public IP is down

How CloudLAN Helps In Your Business

The best way to keep your remote business secure is to ensure that you use VPN solution that provides an inherent level of reliability & security. CloudLAN can help your business avoid many of the pitfalls by a Fully managed Cloud-based VPN solution.

Remote Server Access without Port Forwarding

Access your application servers and organization network from anywhere using CloudLAN. It enables your employees to access files and other system resources, devices that are connected to CloudLAN network at any time from anywhere.

Remote Server Access without Port Forwarding
Secure Your Cloud-Hosted Business Applications

Secure Your Cloud-Hosted Business Applications

If you use AWS, Azure type cloud providers, your business application is probably exposed to an array of security risks that can change on a day-to-day basis as these servers are explored to the public internet. Protect your business applications like CRM, Database, CMS, Web servers, Ecommerce and more. with CloudLAN to reduce or your attach surface

See how to protect

Decide Who Has to Access to What

With easy to use, email-based user invite system, onboarding users is easier than ever. Also, get a real-time view of who is connected & from what device right from the app so you have complete transparency on who are on your network.

Decide Who Has to Access to What
Static Device IP

Static Device IP

CloudLAN automatically assigns a virtual static IP address to every user device connecting to your CloudLAN network. This allows users working from anywhere to access each other computers with additional configuration.

Secure Your Network, Accelerate Your Business.

Our mission is to offer a Business VPN solution that can be deployed in a few minutes ensuring a secure connection through a transparent and simple process.


You need CloudLAN,
If you have

Self-hosted Web applications like WordPress, Magento

VPS server on HostGator, GoDaddy

VM's on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean

Server-Client application like Sage, Tally, Focus, SAP

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