Develop Together, Even When You’re Apart.

Cast your local web applications, services and files to your team or the world securely over CloudLAN, with the click of a button.

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Boost productivity of remote teams by skipping DevOps & CI/CD during development.

Say Goodbye To Remote Development Inefficiencies

Remote Servers Are Local Again

Always have direct access to projects running on Raspberry Pi or Cloud Providers without complex NAT & firewall configs

Static IP That Travels With You

Secure Access To Cloud Resources with TeamVPN, lock-down Management access to cloud servers from public internet.

Place For Latest Link By The Team

Don't loose your flow by answering "What the the service URL ??" or hunting through the slack messages ever again

Split Tunneling

With TeamVPN, Access office resources without slowing video & voice calls by only using VPN for team & company resources

Use cases

Share Your Localhost With Your Team

With Team & Public URL's, Share latest version of code running on your localhost, No git push, No deployment

Your Team Consumes In Realtime

Access & consume latest version of API/Web Apps/Webhooks as your team works on it

Share Files Without Uploading

Forget uploading, share files in complete privacy with P2P shared link

Debug WebHook / APIs Faster

With Public URL, make Work-in-progress Website / API / Webhook accessible by anyone from anywhere, without the hassle of setting up servers

Made By Developers, For Developers.

We realized how tedious and convoluted it is to setup a collaborative & productive remote networking environments. NAS access & Ability to consume API's & web app in real-time, as the team code them makes debugging lightning fast. We wanted to bring this productivity boost to all remote teams by spending less time on code deployment & remote debugging

Secure Team VPN

Secure TeamVPN

Secure Network

Secure Network

Company Static IP

Company Static IP

Remote Access

Remote Access

All This & More But No Network Ops In Sight. Pretty Smart, Huh?


You need CloudLAN,
If you have

Self-hosted Web applications like WordPress, Magento

VPS server on HostGator, GoDaddy

VM's on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean

Server-Client application like Sage, Tally, Focus, SAP

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