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New Revolutionary Hotel Wifi Software

Fully managed, enterprise-grade hotel WiFi software solution. Hotels can now have better control over their network, lower expenses with easy-to-manage equipment, service contracts, and increase customer satisfaction.


Network with Ease

Set up a network without complicated or expensive IT staff or cumbersome software. With Edge Hospitality's new tools and security features, you can easily deploy guest Wi-Fi and manage it.

Fast & Reliable

It's important to know what makes a hotel room great. To make it super easy, we've created the perfect hotel wifi package that is fast and provides reliable internet connectivity at any hotel.

Easy Access Control

Easily manage your hotel Wi-Fi with a user-friendly all-in-one easy access solution - no extra hardware, no recurring fees. You can setup the WiFi in 10 minutes* without disrupting your guests' experience.

Centralized Dashboard

Edge Hospitality provides hotels with a centralized dashboard for Wi-Fi. This web-based software allows users to control access to the network and manage it from a single screen.

Overcome Common Hotel Wifi Issues with Edge Hospitality

Inadequate Internet Connection

Many hotels struggle with bandwidth issues due to their size. Not enough access points could also be causing the hotel's disappointingly poor signal strength.


Not Leveraging Cloud Managed Wifi

There are many hotel owners unaware of the possibility of managing wifi, which is an advanced solution that provides exceptional wifi service to guests.


Lack of Analytics & Insights

A hotel owner should think about Wi-Fi as one of the guests' most important hotel services. It hurts the brand and affects the guest's experience if the WiFi experience is bad.

An affordable Hotel WiFi solution awaits you, let us help you get the best deal!

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