Unauthorized Access to the Bit bucket server can be blocked by using CloudLAN room's TeamVPN IP. This helps in providing an additional layer of security on top of strong login passwords.

Get your room's TeamVPN IP

Get TeamVPN IP Small.gif

  • On the CloudLAN App, Go to the Room details panel & copy the TeamVPN IP.
  • Connect to CloudLAN room using TeamVPN ON

Limit access to private code by CloudLAN TeamVPN IP address.

  1. With IP whitelisting enabled, users will only be able to interact (view, push, clone, etc.) with your account’s private content if they are accessing Bitbucket only through TeamVPN IP. If a user tries to access any of your team’s repositories, issue trackers, wikis, snippets or team settings from an un-whitelisted IP, they’ll receive an error.

    To add CloudLAN TeamVPN IP addresses to an allowlist for access to private content:

    1. From the Access controls page, select the Restrict access to certain IP addresses option.
    2. Click Add or remove IP addresses. A popup opens.
    3. Enter a TeamVPN IP address or a network block for a set of IP addresses.
    4. Click Save to close the Add or remove IP addresses popup.
    5. Click Update to save your changes.


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