Unauthorized Access to Monday account can be blocked by using CloudLAN room's TeamVPN IP. This helps in > providing an additional layer of security on top of strong login passwords.

Get your room's TeamVPN IP

Get TeamVPN IP Small
- On the CloudLAN App, Go to the Room details panel & copy the **TeamVPN IP.**
- Connect to CloudLAN room using **TeamVPN ON**

How to set it up?

  1. Go to Admin pannelSecuritylogin
  2. Open IP address restriction section. monday1.png
  3. Now paste your TeamVPN IP on IP allowlist, to give access only to your CloudLAN room teamates and yourself. monday2.png
  4. Make sure that you are connected to CloudLAN Room with TeamVPN ON and your machine is using TeamVPN IP.
  5. After you've added a list of IP addresses, you wish to have approved on the account, select the checkbox above the list and then press "Activate" monday3.gif
  6. Once the settings are approved! Your account is now protected with the TeamVPN IP. </ br>

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