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Get a high-performance SSL-based VPN solution without setup & management hassle

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Reasons To Choose CloudLAN as your VPN provider

Get rid of Hardware VPN boxes or self-managed OpenVPN installation.

Adopt simple, secure, and robust solutions for a truly managed VPN experience for your team.

Fully Managed Solution

CloudLAN takes care of all the heavy lifting of server setup, configuration & management. Download CloudLAN & Get started with your own virtual network in under 1 minute. Our team of solution experts are on standby to assist you in whatever setup requirement you may have.

No manual configuration distribution

User-friendly client apps help you skip the configuration distribution & manual user setup. Onboarding users was never this easy

Save on deployment Cost

CloudLAN overcomes the difficulty of setting up a VPN on-premises and greatly reduces the cost of deployment. Provide a safe connection environment faster.

Highly scalable & Cost-effective

Be it a team of 2 or 100 users, CloudLAN scales as you need. With multiple plans to choose from

Simple & Secure

CloudLAN offers a simple and secure way to access your workplace, your intranet or the Internet from any location. Provide simultaneous access for multiple users without the complexity of network setup and configuration.

Integration Made Easy

Connect your business and application servers. Integrate any cloud storage, SaaS Applications, On-premise applications in simple steps. Access your applications securely from any internet connection

CloudLAN vs OpenVPN


Self-Hosted OpenVPN

Simple & modern user interface

Basic user interface

Easy to setup

Complicated to setup

No need of technical assistance

Need some technical support

High speed servers

Slow connection

Easy user provisioning

Manual configuration distribution

Budget friendly

Expensive to manage

Free plan available

No free trial

Frequently Asked Question

Why is CloudLAN better than OpenVPN?

CloudLAN uses the same underlying OpenVPN protocol to set up a private network but as its fully managed service, setup is a lot more simplified via the CloudLAN app vs Self-hosting your own instance of OpenVPN server.

Why should I move from OpenVPN to CloudLAN?

CloudLAN is economical & easier to manage than self-hosting. CloudLAN team takes all the server management overhead & always provides you with the highest service uptime.

What are the things to consider when choosing a VPN?

We have written a blog explaining various options available & ways of choosing the right solution for you -

Secure Your Workforce in Minutes

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VPS server on HostGator, GoDaddy

VM's on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean

Server-Client application like Sage, Tally, Focus, SAP

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